[TR to PR] Ms. M

I contacted Miwa about 2 years ago, since then Miwa helped me alot. With the new pathway TR to PR program, I was so worried about my application but Miwa was always calm and answered the questions I had. I appreciated it so much. Thank you so much!

2021/06/14 submissionー2023/04/04 approval

[LMIA] Employer A

We always ask Miwa for our company’s LMIA applications. We had one worker who needed LMIA points for her express entry, so we asked Miwa. She does everything perfectly and quickly. After submitting the LMIA application, we received a positive LMIA in a few weeks and this time we didn’t have to go through an interview with Service Canada officer. I didn’t have any stress this time. We appreciate her work. Thank you so much.

2022/09/02 Submission – 2022/09/23 Approval

[Study permit extension & Visitor extension] S.H

Thank you so much for helping my study permit extension and my mother’s visitor extension.  Because I went to ESL as a prerequisite before I start my program at university, I had some restrictions like cannot work off-campus and also I had to extend till the program ending date.  Miwa helped me with application forms and required documents.  At the same time, my mother’s visitor status was about to expire and I was over whelmed that I had to do so many things.  I’m glad that I asked Miwa to handle the visas which were approved.

[PR :Family class in Canada application] Ms. T

After I got married to a Canadian husband, even though I was thinking of applying for PR for a long time, I only had a vague idea how to apply for family class PR. I happened to meet Miwa and I asked her to support my application. I’ve been living in Canada over 8 years so I thought I will be ok filling in the application forms and collecting the right documents but once I started I came across so many questions. I wouldn’t have completed it without Miwa’s help. Due to the COVID19 restrictions, we communicated online but she replied quickly. Thank you so much for your support, Miwa.


[PR:Family Class, Applying from within Canada] A

Miwa has helped me a lot since I first came to Canada. When I first came here, I couldn’t apply for any of the immigration categories on the PR and I also had experiences such as another consulting agency didn’t take my case and I felt uncomfortable with some other agents, however, Miwa looked for various possibilities to apply for the PR for me. Although I ended up applying in the most certain way which was Family Class Sponsorship, I think the reason why we were able to meet the application conditions in various categories was Miwa searched for many options together from the beginning. Thank you very much!

2022/11/11 submission – 11/21 OWP approval  – 2023/01/07 COPR approval – 01/27 PR Card arrival

[PR:Express Entry PNP] S

Miwa responded all the time very sincerely. At first, I asked another consulting company to help with my case, but I was often told that getting PR was impossible. However, I still had doubts about their assessment of the PR points calculation, and at that time, I found Miwa on Instagram. I thought she was a trustworthy person because she thoroughly answered my questions about the PR points system and information regarding the CRA every time. 

As a result, I was able to apply for BCPNP and Express Entry and I finally became a permanent resident. She is a very reliable professional who also replies to irregular questions quickly and accurately as well.

2020/12 submission – 2022/11 approval

[PR: Family Class, Applying from outside Canada] K

Miwa helped me a lot. Both my husband and I were busy with work and school, and we were going to apply for it ourselves, but we wanted to make it go smoothly, so we decided to ask Miwa. She responded very politely and promptly. Even after applying, I didn’t have to worry about my submitted application. If we had applied for it ourselves, I am sure we would have gotten stressed. 

Even if it was a small thing, she answered my questions quickly and that made me feel relieved. Despite the Corona disaster, I am really grateful that I got the PR as planned. Thanks to that, I think I can find a job soon.

I’m really glad I asked Miwa to help with my application. Thank you very much. I would definitely recommend her service to my acquaintances.

2021/12/21 – 2022/8/05 approval

[PR Card: Renewal] T

My new PR card has arrived safely because Miwa helped me. Thank you very much! 

2022/05/19 submission – 2022/07/16 PR Card arrival

[Study Permit: Applying from outside Canada] I

When I saw the average processing time would be twelve weeks on the IRCC website, I had half given up that I would not be able to make it in time for the start of school. I decided to ask Mrs. Karaki to apply on my behalf and I think I was able to get good news so fast like this because her work was speedy and reliable.

Even so, I’m a little surprised at how fast it was, but I was really reassured and grateful that I asked her to help with my application. Thank you very much.

2022/06/18 submission – 2022/06/23 approval

[Working Holiday Visa] N

Thank you for your help in applying for my working holiday visa last year.

I entered Canada safely on June 15th, and I am writing to express my gratitude once again as I will start working next week. I am really happy that I was able to come to Canada safely with your caring support.

Thank you very much for your support! We sincerely wish you all the best in your future prosperity and good health.

2021/09 register – 2022/02 invitation arrival – 2022/02/22 approval

[PR to TR – Healthcare worker category] M

I asked MK VISA to help me apply for both a PR and a work permit. Ever since the first consultation, Miwa gave me accurate advice and even though there was not much information on the new PR program during Covid, she checked my documents and answered my questions well. After submitting the application, she continued to follow up with the Immigration Office and gave me responses promptly and courteously despite her busy schedule. I was worried about applying for PR by myself because the conditions and information about PR are always changing, so I am very glad that I asked MKVISA to help with my application this time and I was able to get a PR without any problems. If you have any questions or concerns about PR or visas, I think you should contact MK VISA:) Thank you very much for your help this time!

2021/05 submission – 2022/02 approval

[Express Entry PR] A

My husband and I asked Miwa to help with our application. She took good care of our Express Entry registration as well as Alberta PNP. She helped us prepare the documents and contacted the IRCC  if there was anything we didn’t understand. I was able to apply for the PNP smoothly and received my ITA about 6 months after registering for Express Entry, and then about another 6 months after that, I received my PR Card. Thanks to Mrs. Karaki, I was able to get my PR without any problems. Thank you very much.

2021/05/25 submission – 2021/12/11 approval

[PR – Express Entry CEC] K

I was introduced to Miwa by the staff at the hair salon I went to and I decided to ask her to help me with applying for PR. if I had not applied for PR after she gave me advice under a complicated situation during Covid, I would not have been able to get PR even now. I can’t thank her enough for her help. I am very grateful that she gave me responses promptly and courteously during the application process for my PR and she also helped with other questions except for visa. I would highly recommend Miwa to anyone I know who is considering applying for a visa. She is prompt, courteous, personable, and kind, so if you have any visa-related problems, you should contact her.

2021/04/17 submission – 2021/10/19 approval

[Working Holiday Visa] L

The Working Holiday Visa application was reopened on March 1, 2021, which had been paused due to Covid, so Miwa started proceeding on behalf of my application on the same day. In my case, I had to receive an invitation before I turned 31 years old in May or I would not be eligible to apply for a Working Holiday visa. I didn’t have time to resubmit my application even if it failed, so I decided to ask Miwa who was a professional in terms of visas to help with my application. Even though Miwa had been busy during Covid, she understood well my situation including the Working Holiday Visa age limit, and took good care of my application, so I was able to submit my application for a Working Holiday Visa before my birthday. IRCC asked me to submit an additional resume and non-criminal certificates from the U.S. and Hong Kong, and there were more documents to be prepared than others, however, Miwa gave me thorough instructions regarding the collection of documents so that I successfully collected all application documents. Before I talked to Miwa, I had talked to a number of other visa consulting agencies that my friends introduced me to, but Miwa’s sincere response was very trustworthy, so I decided to ask for help with my application. I am very glad that I chose Miwa because of her kind, courteous, and prompt response throughout. Thank you very much.

2021/03/12 submission – 2021/06/17 approval – 2021/09/11 Activation complete

[PR: Family Class – Spousal, Applying from outside Canada] M

I was able to apply and get a work permit through a Consulting Agency that my workplace has used for a long time but I felt a little uneasy about communicating with the person in charge, so I was thinking of using another consultant for my PR application.

Miwa and I have known each other for a while, so she contacted me regarding my PR application, but I was worried about the fact that I used another agency to apply for my work permit already. However, she was very friendly and started proceeding quickly with my application as soon as I contacted her again. Although the Covid pandemic is heading to an end, some people around me were taking a long time to get their visas, so I wondered if I would be able to get my new visa within my previous visa was still valid. However, the process went well without any problems because she gave me a thorough explanation regarding the necessary documents that I had to collect in advance and she also made sure to submit complete documentation to IRCC. She answered me promptly such as the thing I was not sure about and even questions that I wondered if it was okay to ask. I am very glad that I asked for her help. Thank you again.

2021/05/11 submission – 2021/11/02 approval

[PR – Express Entry CEC, Applying with a partner] I

I asked a different agency when I applied for the work visa. It went well without any problems, but I was worried about correspondence with the agency. When I wanted to apply for PR, my friend introduced me to Miwa. She was very helpful and showed me possible ways to apply for PR, even though I didn’t have any knowledge of when it comes to PR application at all. In the end, I applied for PR with my partner and we were able to get it smoothly. I am very glad that I chose Miwa to ask for help with my application.

2021/04/17 submission – 2021/07/15 approval

[PR – Express Entry CEC] K

I found MK Visa Consulting on Instagram and I had asked her for advice a couple of times even before Covid. When I was about to apply for PR, the Covid pandemic happened and I was not sure what would happen to my PR application, but Miwa responded promptly even in an unprecedented and irregular situation. I was able to contact her through DM on Instagram even at night, which was very helpful for me since I was unable to look at my phone during the daytime due to my work. I am grateful that I received a PR confirmation letter 7 months after the submission. Thank you very much!

2020/10/22 submission – 2021/08/30 approval

[PR: Family Class – Spousal, Applying from within Canada] K

As we started a new life, somehow we wanted to keep immigration costs low. We were hesitant to use a representative for our PR application, especially since my husband even said we didn’t need to pay a lot of money for the procedure in his native country. Our common friends strongly recommended using a representative for our application because they had all experienced some kind of trouble, such as having their cases closed due to documents being lost by the IRCC during the application process. I made inquiries to some Consulting Agencies and got quotes for a representative fee, but they were surprisingly expensive. Then I found the MK Visa consulting’s website. After reading through the website, I found the agency looked run by Japanese and their fees were also very reasonable. After inquiring, I had a consultation with Miwa who was a very sincere person. She was professional but I also felt like such a friendly vibe that we have already known each other for a long time. I felt grateful many times for my decision to use a representative for our application during we were preparing for it because there were words regarding the application which even my husband, who had such a big mouth, did not know, and we were also asked to collect the original documents, not photocopies. 

During the pandemic, we were prepared for significant delays in our application, but it took a very long time for the AOR to arrive. Thanks to Miwa for sending inquiries to IRCC during we were waiting for the AOR. After receiving the AOR, everything went smoothly, but we had a problem at the last minute: after uploading at the PR portal, we could not receive the eCOPR easily, and when I contacted the call center, they told me that my status had been invalid. I told them it was not possible because I had applied for OWP, but they just kept saying they send me the document and I would need to restore my status, so I said I would talk to my representative. I immediately contacted Miwa and asked her to contact them the next day and ask IRCC to correct the situation. I think I would have ended up being told off if I was communicated with IRCC. Once again, I realized how the importance of using the representative for an application that my friends had mentioned. I finally got my PR. It was quite busy as I also gave birth during the application period, but my family and I are just getting started now since my PR has been approved. I am sure there will be a lot of hard things to come. I will do my best to make my dream in Canada come true. Thank you very much for your all hard work.

2020/12/03 submission – 2021/09/21 approval

[Study Permit: Applying from outside Canada] M

I decided to use MK’s service because someone recommended me to Mrs. Karaki when I had no idea where to start with the visa application since this time was my first time traveling abroad alone. I didn’t have to worry about my application because Mrs. Karaki and her assistant, Mami were very kind to me, even though I didn’t have any knowledge of the visa application. In particular, Mami helped me a lot since she answered promptly my many questions and explained me well. Thanks to everyone at MK, my visa application went smoothly and I got my Study Permit without any problems!

2021/09/20 submission – 2021/10/05 approval

[PR: Family Class – Spousal, Applying from within Canada] I

When I was preparing documents for the application, I was wondering if it was the right document, if this is the correct way to fill in it, and do I need to sign here. I was afraid that all the documents could have been rejected due to a small mistake and the pandemic was still ongoing, so I asked MK visa consulting to help me. Miwa answered our questions quickly and accurately and provided us with a template that allowed us to smoothly prepare the documents such as explaining how I and my husband met. When the AOR was delayed, she contacted IRCC directly and explained the new portal service to us in an easy-to-understand manner. We got our PR in 9 months without submitting any additional documents, which was faster than we had expected, even though it was during Covid. I would like to ask Miwa for any further visa-related consultation in the future. Thank you very much.

2020/10/29 submission – 2021/07/26 approval

[Study Permit: Applying from outside Canada] H

I decided to go on study abroad two and a half months ago, and then I asked Miwa to apply for a student visa on my behalf. I had been worried since I heard that it would take at least two months to process a visa due to Covid, but thanks to her prompt response, I was able to leave it in good hands. I got the visa in 2 months and I made it in by my scheduled leaving day. There were a number of Consulting Agencies, but I am very glad that I asked Mrs. Karaki to help me. Thank you very much.

2021/07/01 submission – 2021/09/08 approval

[PR – Express Entry CEC] S

My friend introduced me to Miwa and I decided to ask her to apply for a PR on my behalf. I am a worrier but when I asked her various questions, she quickly and carefully explained everything to me and resolved my concerns. It seemed to take a while to receive a confirmation mail after submitting the PR, so I got worried and I asked her about the progress situation. She immediately sent a web form inquiry regarding the progress and applied for atip. I was reassured while waiting for the confirmation email from IRCC. I got the PR because of her all hard work like this. Although I quite often hear that many people apply for PR by themselves, I think it is better to ask Miwa for help. Once again, thank you very much for your help. 

2020/12/24 submission – 2021/09/10 approval

[Visitor visa to Study Permit: Applying from outside Canada] A

Due to Covid, it was difficult to find a workplace that provides me LMIA support at a daycare center in Canada, and I decided to switch from a visitor visa to a student visa to obtain another childcare license. I only had less than 3 months before school started but Miwa submitted my application with a letter to the Immigration Officer for the application documents and informing them of the urgency of the application. Therefore, I got my student visa 2 days after submitting my application! I think the fact that I already had my biometrics and was already in Canada positively affected IRCC’s decision, but I believe the letter that Miwa wrote to the immigration officer to explain how my application was urgent and her work brought me this pleasant result. My friend introduced me to Miwa. Not only does she do her job well, but she is very comfortable to talk to and polite. I had previously consulted with another consulting firm, but I like Miwa’s personality and that was why I asked her to help me. I am very satisfied with her service.

2021/01/13 submission – 2021/01/14 approval

[Study Permit+Co-op Work Permit: Applying from outside Canada] C

I asked already applied for the visa by myself, but I had to change the school from the original school I was going to due to Covid, and I didn’t know how to handle this situation by myself. I decided to ask Miwa to help me because she was very prompt and courteous despite the time difference between Japan and Canada, and she said that she could help me even for Quebec, which is a unique province. I was relieved by how her work was prompt and the procedures for changing student visas were completed within a few hours. She also dealt with other issues such as extending my school start date, so I successfully got my student visa without any problems even though there were some changes twice. If I had not asked Miwa to help with my visa application, I would have had to pay extra fees to change schools and re-apply for a student visa. If I ever need to apply for PWGP and PR, I will ask Miwa to apply on my behalf again. Thank you so much for your constant encouragement and support when I was anxious about my visa application during Covid. Thank you so much for your help.

2020/07/31submission – 2021/01/15 approval

[Work Permit: Extention from Working Holiday Visa] R

While I was working as a hairstylist with a working holiday visa, I decided that I wanted to stay in Canada by applying for a work permit. I heard Miwa also worked as a hairstylist before so I was comfortable consulting with her. I didn’t have any knowledge of visas, so I had to ask her many questions including beginner questions, but she answered every single question clearly, so I entrusted my application to her. Even though it was difficult to take the qualifying exam required for the visa due to Covid, she looked for all possible plans for me. Thus, the application process went surprisingly smoothly and I successfully got a Work Permit in a timely manner. This couldn’t have happened without her hard work. I would be happy to introduce many people to her. Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

2021/01/21 submission – 02/15 approval

[LMIA+Work Permit] Employer, Y

Miwa helped me with switching from Working Holiday Visa to Work Permit. My boss introduced me to Miwa, and I had no idea what would happen to my visa application during Covid, so I left everything in her hands. I was surprised that the Work Permit was approved much faster than I had expected. I think it was because Miwa worked speedily and promptly on my application. I was very happy with how she worked efficiently such as telling me in Japanese how to prepare all required documents from IRCC and she fulfilled my request for getting a Work Permit before expiring the Working Holiday Visa. She responded to my emails in a timely manner and reported application progress to me often. Although I let her do all the work on my application, her hard work was impressive and she even gave me kind words such as  “Let’s do this together!”. Thus, I am so satisfied with the pleasant progress of the application period, without any anxiety or impatience throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Miwa to everyone who is applying for a visa and I will only ask Miwa for visa matters in the future. Thank you very much for your Help, Miwa.

2021/02/03 submission – 02/26 approval

[PR: Family Class – Spousal, Applying from outside Canada] M

I consulted with Miwa about applying for a PR visa on getting married internationally. First, she listened to me and my partner in both Japanese and English about the details of “my own current visa type,” “getting a PR within the current visa validated,” “what is required for the application,” and “how to fill out all the application forms,” and so on, she then provided us with guidelines. We had no idea what to expect, but by the time we finished talking with Miwa, we were able to get started in order. We were able to follow the order Miwa gave us to gather documents and complete the procedures in the shortest amount of time, and it was easier and smoother than we had expected. She has a very cheerful personality. We appreciated the fact that we were able to ask her any questions we had. As a result, we were able to get a PR earlier than we had expected, for which we are very grateful. Whenever my friends have trouble with their visa issues, I tell them, “Why don’t you talk to Miwa first?” with confidence. Thank you for everything!

[PR: Family Class – Spousal, Applying from within Canada] T

I got married to a Canadian husband and had been thinking about applying for PR for a while, but I only had vague information in my mind about the steps to apply for PR since I roughly read a blog somewhere. Then I happened to have a chance to get to know Miwa and she helped me with my PR application. I had been living in Canada for eight years, and I thought I could do everything from gathering documents to filling out the forms by myself, but when I actually started gathering the documents, I found that there were many things that were incomplete or unclear. I could not have made the application without Miwa’s support. Because of Covid, we had to communicate only by e-mail but she responded promptly and politely. Thank you very much.

2020/7 submission: Final document checks

[Work Permit: Intra-Company Transfer] K

My initial plan was to study in Canada for six months and return to Japan since I couldn’t apply for a Working Holiday Visa due to the age limit. However, I remember that I was working as a manager at a company in Japan before which also had a branch in Canada, so I  consulted with Miwa. She told me that I could apply for a Work Permit with Intra-Company Transfer, so I started collecting the required documents right away. She submitted my application to IRCC while I was returning to Japan for a little while, and I got a Work Permit for two years in three weeks. Thank you very much for your quick response and work.

2020/02 submission

[Visitor Visa: Working Holiday Vis to Visitor Visa] C

I found Miwa on a social media platform, then I asked her to help with my application which is switching from a Working Holiday Visa to a Visitor Visa on my behalf.

She answered my questions promptly and was very trustworthy. She also gave me a lot of advice on the documents I needed to submit, and everything went very smoothly from application to submission of documents. Even though it was a busy time of year due to Covid, she was very courteous and prompt, and I got approved for my visa earlier than I had expected. Thank you very much.

2020/06/15 submission – 7/31 approval

[Visitor Visa: Working Holiday Vis to Visitor Visa] A

I was about to apply for a visitor visa from a working holiday visa, and I found her company on Instagram which offered a promotional discount, so I decided to ask her my application on my behalf.  She responded promptly and I got a visa with a longer period than I had originally planned. In addition, I could only talk with her via Zoom due to Covid, and she gave me beneficial advice for the future including my further education. Thank you very much.

2020/05/08 submission – 7/21 approval

[Study Permit: Extension for Study Permit] N

I asked Miwa to help me extend my Study Permit for transferring to another college.

I was originally in the college with a university transfer program, but I found something new I wanted to do and a dream to pursue, so I transferred to a two-year undergraduate program.  Back when I was in high school also in Canada, the school took care of extending my study permit on my behalf, so I didn’t realize how important it was because I didn’t do it by myself. However, now that I am a university student and my study permit was about to expire, I had to deal with this by myself. At that time, I happened to find study2020.japan on Instagram. 

Miwa was quick to respond, very polite, and was able to resolve my concerns immediately.

I was worried about whether I would be able to extend my visa without biometrics during Covid, but I’m glad I was able to get it. I am very grateful to Miwa. I would like to ask Miwa for any further help in visa matters in the future.

2020/04/24 submission – 8/27 approval

[PR: Family Class – Spousal, Applying from outside Canada] Y

I asked Miwa to help me apply for a family-class visa. When I asked Miwa for help on how to collect all the documents, she gave me very clear instructions, and when I had questions about how to fill out the forms, she responded immediately. I was very lucky that my family class visa application got approved within 3 months, and I went to the US-Canada border to change my visa status. However, the PR card didn’t get mailed for two months after the application got approved, so I ask her to give me any advice regarding this matter, she replied quickly so that I was able to contact the immigration office. It took a total of 8 months for the card to arrive due to Covid, but thanks to Miwa’s repeated inquiries to the immigration office during that time, I was able to receive my PR card without further issues. It was very helpful. Thank you very much!

2019/09/24 submission – 2020/01/15 approval

[Study Permit: Extension for Study Permit] K

I had a student visa already but I asked Miwa to extend it for going to another university. She told me exactly what documents I needed and the process went very smoothly. I thought it would take a long time after applying due to Covid, but I got my new visa surprisingly quickly. Thank you very much for your prompt service and for answering all my questions. I would definitely ask for her help again if I have another visa matter in the future.

2020/09/10 submission – 9/21 approval

[LMIA+Work Permit] A

I asked Miwa to help with my application for a work visa in Canada. I had applied for a working holiday visa by myself before, but this was my first time applying for a work visa and it was my first time coming to Canada, so I had no idea what to expect. I was able to get the visa by leaving everything to her, even though the situation was different during Covid. All I had to do was prepare and submit the documents she told me I needed, and she took care of everything else. If I had any questions, I just emailed her and she replied to me immediately. There is a lot of information about working holiday visas on the Internet, but I don’t think there is that much about a work visa. I was not even sure where to start on my own, so I am glad that I asked her to help me! Thank you very much!

2020/08/24 submission – 10/06 approval

[Study Permit: Extension for Study Permit] H

I asked Miwa to help me with my student visa application. I was in a situation where my original visa was about to expire, but she helped me out promptly. She listened carefully to my background and future direction, discussed options with me, and encouraged me so much, so I really appreciate her help. Her instructions for what I needed to do and the required documents were easy to understand, and she replied quickly to all my questions and attached documents. I didn’t have to worry at all because she often kept me posted about the process and updates from IRCC. I appreciate her help, I was able to file my application on time and my visa got approved earlier than I had expected. Thank you very much for your help.

2020/09/02 submission – 09/10 approval

[LMIA] Employer A

I had never applied for LMIA before and I had no idea where to start, but Miwa helped me with job bank registration, advertisements, and so on. She helped me prepare the required documents and submit them for the LMIA application in the shortest time possible.

 However, since I applied for the low-wage 2 slot just before Covid, I might have not been considered an essential service worker by IRCC, so I did not receive any update from them for a while. She contacted IRCC many times regarding this matter and I finally received a phone interview from Service Canada in August which is 6 months after submission. We had prepared a list of anticipated questions in advance, but Miwa also attended the phone interview with me and gave them some additional answers. The phone screening also included questions related to Covid and lasted over an hour, but the LMIA was approved the next day. I am very grateful for all your help. I would definitely ask for her help again next time.

2020/03/17 submission – 08/24 approval